Optefex™ Special Effects Filters

by Admin 15. December 2011 11:06

Optefex™ Filters announces a new line of 'customizable' special effects filters. The first series includes a cost-effective version of the anamorphic blue streak effect. The special manufacturing method used by Optefex™ yields sharper, brighter lines than traditional etched-line star and streak filters. Beyond Blue, you can also take your pick from among six additional standard colors, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Violet, as well as Clear. Custom colors can be made available on request.

Options include four-point star patterns in the same range of colors and clear. Both star and streak effects are available in a choice of strengths,denoted by “mm” dimensions familiar to star filter users in 1, 2, 3, and 4mm,where the lower the number, the stronger the effect. Optefex™ Color/Clear Streak filters may be combined to create multiple-point star effects, using two or more colors together at a variety of different angles for further creative applications.Another example: two four-point Star filters can create a dual-color eight-point star effect.

A unique feature: creating colored star-streaks from white lights makes lighting more dramatic, without the use of gels and without coloring the scene the lights are illuminating. Another is to use large highlights, like windows or fluorescents, to generate broad, softly color-tinted shadow and flare effects.

Optefex™ filters are available in several standard sizes, from 3”x3” to 6.6”x6.6” with others available on request. Look for new effects coming soon.