Optefex Blue Streak Filters: The Viable Anamorphic Alternative For Blue Streaks

by Admin 23. December 2011 08:09

Until recent years there were no Blue Streak Filters and the only way to create an anamorphic blue streak effect was to use an anamorphic lens. Then along came two different systems that allowed the creation of blue streaks when not using anamorphic lenses. The first development involved digital technology for producing blue streaks in post. This isn’t a solution for everyone: 1) it can be very expensive, 2) it doesn’t provide the cinematographer in-camera control, and 3) it doesn’t appeal to those who prefer the more organic look produced by the anamorphic lens.

A second non-anamorphic blue streak system was developed in Europe: an expensive filtration device. Like the digital blue streak technology, this system also has limits: 1) it doesn’t work with most matte boxes, and 2) the high cost of this European filter system is prohibitive—many rental houses never invested in one system, let alone more than one for multiple-camera shoots.

Then, along came Optefex with a new approach, providing high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable Streak Filters that make not only brilliant Blue Streaks, but Red, Pink, Violet, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Clear Streaks, and all available in four strengths. These Clear Streak filters create Streaks of whatever colors the lights are in the shots. Different color Streak Filters can be combined to make multi-Colored, multi-point Star filters. However, Optefex also offers their range of Colors (or multi-Colors) in different strengths in four-point Star filters.

Optefex Streak filters and Star filters come in standard industry sizes, including 3”x3”, 4”x4”, 4”x5.65”, 5”x5”, 5.65”x5.65”, and 6.6”x6.6.” Round sizes will be introduced soon.

Ultimately, Optefex has made it easier to create and control Blue Streaks than it is by using anamorphic lenses and also more cost effective than it is by using the other two alternative methods. Plus Optefex allows for the ability to create sharp, bright streaks and stars in a variety of brilliant Colors and combinations of Colors, and in several strengths. Optefex is truly the viable anamorphic streak alternative.


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