The Advantages of Optefex Cylindrical-Lens Streak Filters Over Traditional Surface-Etched Streak Filters: Blue Streak Filters, Red Streak Filters, Green…

by Admin 3. January 2012 05:30
Blue Streak Filter

The immediately apparent benefit of new Optefex Streak Filter construction is that camera operators can go far beyond the use of typical Clear Streak Filters and employ a broad range of brilliant colors, from the popular Blue Streak Filter to the Red, Green, Violet, Pink, Orange, and Yellow Streak Filters, all of which are easy to use, affordable, and matte-box-friendly. But that isn’t the only benefit. Let me explain.

The decades-old Surface-Etched method of Clear Streak Filter construction uses acid to etch a series of thin lines into the exterior surface of a clear glass filter. By their nature, these lines can only imperfectly simulate a partially cylindrical lens shape as they are actually just troughs carved into the glass and cannot become completely cylindrical. In fact, they rarely form even a semi-cylindrical profile, and are more often relatively irregular in shape and texture. By contrast, the Optefex method of embedding consistently smooth, and fully cylindrical lenses within the glass allows for far more efficient light refraction, and produces cleaner, brighter, clearer, stronger, and more effective streaking flare lines. And instead of being on the vulnerable and dirt-prone surface like with etched filters, they are safely and cleanly contained within the glass.

That said, Optefex Streak Filters do have a function familiar to those who have used the traditional Surface-Etched filters. The lines as well as the lenses on both of these types of filters produce Streaks that emanate in perpendicular fashion; in other words, in the usual application, vertically oriented cylindrical lenses or lines produce horizontally oriented Streaks. Optefex Streak Filters are typically used in matte boxes that can provide for rotation to further align the effect as needed, while the user is careful to select the size and aspect ratio so as to avoid vignetting.

Optefex has greatly improved the Streak Filter, while maintaining traditional standards of high quality.Optefex filters are made with optical-grade water white glass. They are made to your order: you select the desired combination of Color (Blue, Green, Red, Violet, Pink, Orange, and Clear); Strength (from 1mm line spacing for the broadest and longest to 4mm for the finest and shortest); and Size (choose from several standard square or rectangular sizes including 3x3, 4x4, 4x5.650, 5x5, 5.65x5.65, and 6.6x6.6). Round sizes will also be available in the future.

Optefex Clear Streak Filters have strong advantages over Surface-etched Streak Filters. In addition, Optefex Blue Streak Filters and our range of Color Streak Filters can significantly enhance your creative possibilities. All you have to do is to give them a try.


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